Just so as the world knows this con calling himself ANGUS KOLE Tel. 0724-966435 currently working with Barclay’s bank-Mombasa ( not sure which branch as he’s keeping it very secret) May all Kenyans of goodwill who know him please ask him to pay back Ksh.40,300 that I lent to him now 5 years ago. It is my hard earned money and you played on my kind hearted ness but since I moved to Nrb you have repeatedly dodged paying back and shamelessly blocked me on all communication forums including WhatsApp, Facebook, text messages and calls to evade paying. All my messages are ignored and go unanswered like all known cons do.
Mr.ANGUS KOLE , you can run but you can’t possibly hide thanks to such forums. Your time is up and push has finally come to shove as I have been patient through the years and quietly suffered enough hoping you will find it in you to return my money without drama after I helped you with the money as a colleague back then in Crown Berger Msa to survive the hard times when you were down, jobless and facing criminal charges for fraud at Crown Berger- Mombasa. You promised to pay up as soon as possible (i wish i took the fridge you were giving as security but foolishly i trusted your word and miserable look) but once you were back on your feet and in Startimes employment, the rat in you came out. You had a job then but still pleeded for time and i patiently understood but again that was soon forgotten and you rubbished my generosity. You kept lying to me, got rude and when I pushed you hurled insults at me on phone to the point of telling me to go to court and went underground….Now I know you are hiding in Barclays bank somewhere. ANGUS KOLE,your time is up and am bringing the pressure to you right at Barclays door steps complete with your police case file at Central police Msa…..you can choose the easy way or the hard way….am easy with both for this time I will not let you escape the net. Am frustrated from your treatment, and playing me for fool and for that reason I’ve made this hard decision to tell the world about the clever con and fraud you are…am sure descent Kenyans here on this forum will support and put pressure that you do the honorable thing which is so easy TO PAY….you can keep the interest which rightful I should be demanding but I won’t as I don’t expect it from a rat like you…..if you think this will pass,be sure ill walk into Barclays armed with evidence and smoke you out to the nearest police station. Over to you good members, be the judges here.



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