What Is VerifyKenya?

A tool that provides background checks that include character and social dimensions. This means other than proving who you are and asserting your history we include what other people are saying about you.

Where do we get the information from?

The information is gathered from 3 main sources;

  1. Government. Provides the static information i.e id no. land no. etc information that is designed not to change.
  2. Corporate. Provide dynamic information. How was your dealing with the company as an employee or supplier
  3. Individuals. Provide information that completes the picture. Personal testimonies on interactions with companies and individuals.

How is the information gathered?

We scout social media and the internet through our proprietary algorithms. Additional third party information is oftenly used such as CRB as per the need. Companies and individuals also provide information by registering with us and posting the information or through the email report@verifykenya.com

Does VerifyKenya charge for information?

Yes and no. The system has an advance point system that rewards those that contribute to the eco system. Those points are used to provide information.

Those that seek to bypass the contribution system are required to purchase points to perform the searches.

The information provided on me is erroneous, how do I correct it?

Start by emailing compliance@verifykenya.com with the details. This information will be included in the searches. Secondly the source of information will be notified on the reported dispute. If they hold their ground, both reports will remain in the results if not your report will be updated accordingly.

What about those that had already used the erroneous report?

We will update everybody who was interested on your report on the change. That includes those that had searched on you.

Will giving the false report affect the source?

Yes, our algorithm uses the cred system to allocate importance on information. Additionally reports on the person will show the erroneous report. The aim is to have transparency on all reports and records.

My spouse cheated on me, can I report this?

Yes, but this is treated as private information and will only appear in the reports if the person consents or if it is material in a court case.

How do I know the information that you have on me?

You use the track me feature. Any information that we gather on you is sent to you also less the source. There is a charge of Ksh 300 per year for each track e.g ID no.

Can I track someone else?

Yes, use the track plus feature at Ksh 300 per year.

I want a basic search, what info will I get?

Basic search provides information that will enable you make an informed discussion quickly. This mainly involves social information, what people are saying about the person. If not satisfied you can ask for the specific information you are interested in.

Do you offer private investigation?

Yes, through vetted third parties.

Got more question email hi@verifykenya.com or ask@verify.co.ke



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